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Add Style – Bring Out the Best with Fresh Home Accents and Décor

If your home needs a style makeover but you don’t have the budget for a furniture overhaul, you’re still in luck. While large furniture significantly impacts the feel of a room, altering the home accents and décor that tie it all together can dramatically change the visual landscape. Simple changes – a new set of table lamps here, an attractive wall hanging there and bight colorful cushions around – bring out different elements of the existing furniture and offer a fresh perspective on a well-worn look. In fact, sometimes all a room really needs are these seemingly minor adjustments that produce major improvements.

Once you establish a design theme for a room, it’s important to address all aspects of room décor for cohesion and harmony. For instance, if you’ve installed a casual comfortable sectional, a simple round walnut coffee table in the center of the room won’t work. Swap it out for a western style coffee table made from the beautiful red heart cedar with the natural edges for a visual pop. Or if you’re short on storage in a traditional style family area, a chest with the top covered in cowhide can serve as a coffee table.

Drawing attention to the floor with area rugs unifies rooms and brings in warmth. There are many choices of area rugs available but of course we feel cowhides are the greatest, they do not stain and are easy to care for.  The rich colors in your cowhide will turn the style of your space up a notch. Floor coverings are also useful tools for allocating different spaces in a room. Calf hides and goat hides are also great floor coverings in smaller spaces.

To open up cramped rooms, you can’t go wrong with hanging mirrors. By reflecting light and space, they’re a quick fix for small rooms and work well as focal points in most any room.  Mirrors will not only provide the perfect finishing touch to any room; it’ll also reflect your knack of adding style and you can do this with a variety of mirrors, western style included.