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The most important table in our home is the dining table, where the family can gather for a meal and catch up on what’s happening with each other.  There are different styles, different sizes and different heights of tables for dining.  You will find we create dining tables with a difference, such as, storage underneath, a scalloped edge, as well as the square, rectangle, and round.  We use cedar wood from Texas and all are handcrafted in Texas.  We make cedar chairs or a cedar bench to go with the dining tables or if you prefer, we make chairs from rebar similar to our bar chairs.

The taller table, known as a bar table, has become a very popular choice.  We make the bar table with an opening on top and a tub inside for a cooler also can be used for crawfish or to put your trash or even store items. This top sits on a barrel.  We also make bar tables from cedar with an opening under the top for storage similar to the dining table.  The top, without the opening, is a great game table for your den or game room. To go with bar tables we make bar chairs from rebar that swivel, cedar bar chairs, saddle bar stools that swivel and cedar bar stools.

We have a couple styles of sofa tables, several styles of smaller tables to be used by a chair, couch, by the bed or wherever you need the occasional table, some have drawers for additional storage.

Coffee tables, let’s not forget those, even tho they aren’t as popular now as they have been but the trend is coming back.  We have made many styles, shapes and sizes out of cedar, metal and horseshoes.  Some made for displaying your favorite treasures under the glass.  Our most requested has been the one made with a buggy wheel. It can be made as a display table or not.

Our cedar tables can be used outside as well as inside, a table for eating outside or just a side table to sit by your chair while you enjoy the beauty outside.  Ideally under a covered area is best but not necessary.

If you have a spot that needs a certain size table, a large dining table to seat up to 12, a small table for that lamp in a dark area or a narrow, long table to fit an entrance way or hallway, contact us we do custom work “you dream it, draw or describe it, we can make it”.