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Our Furniture for More Storage

When we think of a dresser, chest and a cedar chest, we think of it being bedroom furniture and with a bookcase we usually think of a living room or den. A dresser would be about 36″ high, 18″ deep and 50″ long, with six drawers, 3 on each side, of course that size could vary. A chest, better known as a chest of drawers, would be closer to 50″ high, 18″ deep and 32″ long. The chest has 5 drawers. A cedar chest is usually about 18-20″ high, 40-42 ” long and 18-20″ deep with a top that opens to an open space. A bookcase (open shelves) can be whatever size works best for you, all the pieces are made of cedar wood, even though only one has cedar in the name.

Now, here are some suggestions of other places you can use these pieces:

In a foyer or hallway we suggest all these pieces. With the dresser, display a few of your favorite things on top. The drawers are then available for storage of items you just want to get out of sight. The chest can be used like the dresser, it’s not as wide so will fit a smaller area. The cedar chest is a height that can be used as a temporary seat with a thin cushion on top or we can cover the top with cowhide. Then inside is a great storage, like a big box. The bookcase can be used in this location also, there’s a wide variety of things you can put attractively on open shelves. Baskets can be added to the open shelves for storing smaller items and giving it a different look.

In the den or game room the dresser is often used as a bar area. In the dining room it’s a great place for storing linens or maybe some of your special dishes. Even in the bathroom it can be a useful addition for storing towels and bath items. The open shelves are becoming more popular in bathrooms especially when mixing baskets on the shelves so the bookcase works there.

The usual or expected place, of course, is the bedroom for the dresser, chest of drawers and the cedar chest (often seen at the foot of the bed, and used as a bench). The dresser usually has a mirror attached or hanging above when used in the bedroom. When using the dresser in other areas the mirror wouldn’t be necessary. The bookcase doesn’t necessarily have a usual place, so you choose your spot. Remember these pieces are all cedar and in case you don’t know it has a very pleasing scent. We do custom work so any piece can be made to fit your space.