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Charles Lee

I work at thinking up new and different ideas for pieces to create.  I shop for the old farm items, cast, metal and other unique items to create these pieces.  I go to the wholesale houses for supplies and to the lumber yard to get the cedar I use.  Then in the shop we do the cleaning, preparing and putting the ideas together and finally the finishing touches to be ready to sell.  A lot of time and patience is required in making handcrafted pieces.



Diane Lee

My wife, Diane, is my supporter in many ways. She hasn’t taken up welding yet, but does a lot of finishing work on horseshoe picture frames (and we make a ton of those), helps with choosing the extra gift type items we sell, helps with set-up, sells and pack-up at shows. I couldn’t do it without you, I appreciate your help.




Chuck Lee

My son, Chuck, is helpful in many ways. He does the cleaning and sanding of used items before we make it into a sellable piece. He then does some finishing work like sanding and coating with polyurethane. Helps with loading and unloading these heavy pieces.

I always appreciate your help.



Shawn Davis

My son-in-law has been a huge help during the years. He has a full time job and of course his family but when he has the time, he is in the shop or where ever he is needed. He is artistic and has helped with designs, does welding, sells and helps with moving the heavy merchandise off and on trailers. Your help is always appreciated.





Betty and David Pope

My sister, Betty, and brother-in-law, David, have been helping hands with Rockin’ L since the beginning. Even tho they were working full time and lived in Houston they were ready to travel and help on weekends to unload trailers, set-up booths, sell during the shows, tear down, load up trailers, handle computer work, and once retired they have handled more computer work and many of the Rodeo Shows so that I could continue to create new products. I really appreciate the help of all my family and we all work well together.


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