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                       A Little Bit of History

I grew up in Alabama, in the country.  From a very young age, cowboys were my idols, especially Roy Rogers.  I respected Roy Rogers not only as the captivating cowboy, but also the well-principled man that he was.  As a child, I took to heart Roy Rogers’ Rider’s Rules and they have stayed with me all of these years.  I learned to weld in school and ran my own business building cattle trailers and catch pens.  I married my lovely wife, Diane, and we had three children.  Now, we also have six grandchildren and one great grandchild.  In 1989, we moved to Texas and settled in the small community of Omaha.  I wanted to live in Texas, because I thought that’s where the cowboys lived. I continued to build trailers until 1992. At that time, I started Rockin’ L Designs as a family owned business and have been creating, handcrafting and selling quality western inspired items since. I wanted to do this because of my love for the ‘old west’ and ‘cowboys’.  This business and the things we create here for our customers are my way of keeping “the old west”, and the principles it represents, alive. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, tending to my cattle, and watching old western movies. I especially enjoy the ones starring my hero, Roy Rogers. Rockin’ L Designs, amongst many other blessings, brought me a little closer to my hero. I had the privilege of meeting Cheryl Rogers Barnett, the eldest daughter of Roy & Dale, and her husband, Larry. Since then our families have become good friends. In our time together, they’ve shared a whole slew of interesting memories about Roy and Dale. Our friendship and their stories made me feel even closer to my hero and the ideals he stood for.

Rockin’ L Designs

We handcraft and sell mostly Western flavored items, using as many old materials from farms and ranches that we can find.  This includes but is not limited to metal, rebar, horseshoes, cast iron, cedar wood, tractor seats, wagon wheels, etc. All our pieces can be used for furniture, decoration, and convenience in your home, yard and cabin.  Our pieces are also great for conversation when you have folks visiting. We do replicate many of our pieces.  However, because we do handcrafted work, each piece has a unique character and history about it.

We don’t limit our creation to just private residences, we have helped decorate and accent several businesses in the past.  For instance, restaurants use our cowboy salt and pepper shaker, napkin or paper towel holders, horseshoe hooks, chairs, tables, etc.  Our chandeliers, business card holders, side tables, and other items can be seen in a variety of businesses across the nation.

We carry a few western flavored items that we do not create, but they accent our handcrafted pieces incredibly well.  If you would like to view any of our merchandise, you can see some of what we offer here.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, take a moment and please contact us.  I’m certain we can take care of you.

Happy Trails To You,

Charles Lee | Founder & Owner

Rockin’ L Designs | Owner & Founder