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Den and Game Room

As a family, these are important rooms. A room where you can be comfortable and relax together. Our different styles of bar tables and choices of chairs or stools will make a great game table or a table for finger food if you have a party. The cedar wood and tin bar is so nice with storage space and can be placed wherever you need it and 2-3 stools go nicely with it. There are lamps and chandeliers that would look great in either room. We make the TV stand from cedar wood in your choice of size. Don’t forget the accessory choices you have on Etsy such as fire screen and tools, wine holders, cowboy figures, drink/can holders and the cowboy cooler (don’t need it to cool drinks, then fill with popcorn).

Here are a few of our pieces for inspiration

Have something in mind?

Drop us a line. We'd be happy to design a custom piece for you.