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Would you like something different in your bathroom?

Bathroom Vanities

We make counters and cabinets for your bath from cedar wood and finished with several coats of clear polyurethane to protect the wood but still show the beauty of the wood.

Holders and Hooks

On our Etsy site, in our Holders and Hooks section, you have choices of towel holders and toilet paper holders using rebar, cast stars and horseshoes. We have a toilet paper holder that stands on the floor and holds several rolls of paper, great for the bathroom with limited wall space. A couple of the cowboy figures can be useful in the bath. One is a toothbrush holder and the other, a bowl holder for soap.

Bathroom Lights

Also on Etsy in the Lighting section, there are choices of bathroom lights and with the cut-outs, you can certainly light up your bathroom, even customize it with your choice of cut-outs. What a different and beautiful western/country bath you will have.

Here are a few of our pieces for inspiration

Have something in mind?

Drop us a line. We'd be happy to design a custom piece for you.