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Hang your stuff

Wall hooks or holders for hanging

We know from experience that often we are looking for a spot to hang a hat, cap, coat, etc so we feel others are also.  You will find Rockin’ L makes many choices for hanging stuff or will do a custom one from your thoughts and ideas.  They vary from a single hook that would fit in a tiny space or a larger/longer holder with as many hooks as you have space for.

Of course our hooks and/or holders are made with a western flavor.  We use stars, cast or metal cutouts, horseshoes, rebar or flat metal with horseshoes added for hooks.  We have made some from cedar wood also.  They are finished to be used inside as well as outside.

Many buy the single hooks for their child’s room, it helps keep stuff off the floor if they can hang it up on a hook at their eye level.  Our single hooks are used in many Texas Roadhouses as well as other restaurants and also used in barns for hanging tack, etc.  The hooks and holders have great versatility.

Stand alone holders for hanging

If you are not looking for a wall mount, we make different styles of stand alone holders.  Many people like this style by a entrance door or in a convenient corner of their home.  You see this style often in a business office, but can be used anyplace you want.  Again you can have these custom made, the height and design you prefer.

Hooks and holders especially useful in kitchen and bathroom

If your children are like most, their bath towel is often on the floor (wet or dry) but if they had their own hook or holder at their level that would be an encouragement for them to hang it. Of course, we as adults are often guilty of not hanging our towels, etc up.  Is it because we don’t have a convenient spot?  If you have a large bathroom, a group of hooks or a stand alone is nice to hang bath towels or hand towels and would add a different touch to the bathroom.

In a kitchen you can use the single hook in many ways.  It works for hanging a plant, a kitchen or hand towel, a hot pad, a cooking pan or utensil, etc.  A group of single hooks or a holder can be used in the kitchen also for hanging more than one item.  These can be displayed as a decorative wall mount or put inside a cabinet.

Just a reminder that we do make custom items so if you have a favorite design that has a western flavor that you would like to carry thru with some hooks, racks, bars, etc. just contact us and we will get it worked out for you.  There never seems to be enough spots to hang your stuff, so check out our Holders & Hooks our products western accessories section.