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Just thinking of the season and the constant rush we all seem to be in.  We want to take a quiet minute to say ‘Thank You’ for this year and our blessings.  For many of us this is the time of the year we get the major part of our sales, therefore the busy time and long hours.   We just finished a good show in Louisville, KY at the NAILE (North America International Livestock Expo) and moved right into the Longview Mall in Longview, TX.  Orders on Etsy are coming in and people are locating our store out here in the country, near Omaha, TX.

We are thankful for the business from all areas and want our customers to be satisfied and come back to see us again, either to purchase more or just to say ‘Hello’. Our return customers are special and have helped our business grow.  Thanks and God bless us all.