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Here we are beginning another year, where does the time go? Hopefully you have had some time to relax since the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season. Rockin’ L was busy the months of November and December. Don’t know if any of you visited our booths at the North American International Livestock Expo in Louisville, KY, or the Broadway Square Mall in Tyler, TX or the Longview Mall in Longview, TX or Canton Trade Days in Canton, TX but we were there and business was good – thanks to those of you who helped make that true.

Now it’s work, work, work gathering materials and supplies and getting product crafted and made to fill Etsy orders and have merchandise ready for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (March 1 – March 20), along with more shows in Canton, TX.

Just sittin’ and thinkin’ about some of our best sellers during the holidays this year and how hard it is to guess what will sell best and what pieces to make the most of. I have probably mentioned a few good selling pieces before but it has been a blessing and a little surprising how the crosses and names or words crafted from bended horseshoes have sold. The single and double can holders or drink stands that we craft were a popular item again this year also. We craft a large cross by bending the horseshoes into the letters of Amazing Grace. It was made originally for our local Cowboy Church in Omaha, TX. Then we decided to make it to sell and the response has been good. We also craft other styles (smaller) horseshoe crosses.

Visit our booth at the Houston Rodeo and you will find our handcrafted crosses as well as many choices we purchase for resale. We are pleased to be able to have a selection of “western flavored crosses” that we know any ‘cross collector person’ will enjoy.

We have handcrafted many, many names over the past few months and they make a nice personal gift. You can get them to hang or to sit. We have done special words such as joy, dream, hope, faith, blessed, live, life, love, etc., they make a nice wall decoration.

Find the handcrafted items mentioned above for sale in our booth set-ups as well as on our Etsy site. Contact us for further information.